What We Do

We produce high pressure steam and send it underground through eight miles of insulated steel pipes to the Concord business district, to the state and federal office buildings, the Concord Hospital, and the New Hampshire Hospital. Our customers use the steam for heating, sterilizing, cleaning, and cooking. Some customers use it to make chilled water for air conditioning. We use the steam twice; by the time our customers get it, we have already generated electricity with it. This process of extracting both electrical energy and heat from the same steam is known as "cogeneration". We cogenerate enough power for about a thousand homes.

Our boilers were originally fired with coal. They produced steam and power for the State Hospital, and were eventually converted from coal to oil. When we leased the power plant from the state and moved from our Storrs Street plant in 1980, we converted two of the boilers to be wood-fired, and also installed a new, higher pressure, wood-fired boiler.

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