In 1938, Concord Steam Corporation began providing clean, efficient and safe steam to public and private customers within the City of Concord through its central plant on Storrs Street and distribution system in downtown Concord. 

The "clean" was a major incentive in those days - downtown Concord heated its buildings with coal, producing street level air pollution. The ability of a district heating system to direct pollution away from the street level was a huge improvement on local quality of air.

In 1980, Concord Steam entered into a long-term lease with the State of New Hampshire to operate and maintain the central steam plant on the New Hampshire Hospital campus.  The lease covers the physical plant building of approximately 30,000 square feet, boiler room and equipment, fan room and equipment, and a brick garage.  The lease is scheduled to expire on August 31, 2010.

Concord Steam relocated its base of operations to the New Hampshire Hospital campus, converted two of the oil-fired boilers to wood-fired and installed a new, high pressure wood-fired boiler.  These and other distribution and infrastructure investments were made by Concord Steam to produce reliable high pressure steam and distribute it underground through eight miles of insulated underground steel pipe to the Concord business district, State and Federal office buildings, Concord Hospital, and the New Hampshire Hospital campus.  

Today Concord Steam supplies reliable steam to approximately 110 customers, with 200 commercial and institutional buildings including government agencies such as the City of Concord, the State of New Hampshire and the Federal Government in addition to one residential customer in Concord, as well as cogenerating electricity for its own use and for sale to utilities.