About Us

Concord Steam Corporation uses biomass to produce steam to heat downtown Concord, NH and also to produce electricity for sale to utilities.  We use forestry waste such as tree tops and branches normally left behind in the forest after timber-harvesting operations.  Burning this clean, renewable resource generates steam which turns turbines to produce electricity.  When the steam leaves the generator at a lower pressure and temperature, it can then be piped to Concord’s businesses for heat.  This process is called “cogeneration,” a way of getting the most out of our fuel source. 

Even the ash that is left after the clean wood fuel is burned has a use - it goes to farms to be spread in place of lime as a soil conditioner.

Concord Steam does not burn trash, garbage, construction/demolition debris, coal, toxic waste, tires, or medical waste.  Instead, to supplement its wood-burning operation, Concord Steam uses natural gas or #2 oil, the same oil that is used to heat residential  homes.

Concord Steam is an environmentally sound energy provider, and produces a minimum of pollutants.  As a user of renewable forestry by-products, it supports the local economy and also reduces New Hampshire’s dependence on fossil fuels.



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